Green Orient Co., Ltd. is established since 2018 by experts people who have good knowledge and plenty of experience in pharmaceutical sector. The experts included the doctors, finance persons and the people who have over 10 years of marketing experience. With the existing technical expertise, Green Orient have expanded its market to nearly all of the main townships throughout the country.

Our head office is in Yangon and sub office is in Mandalay. Currently we have 80 staffs working throughout the country and planning to expand 50% of team members in the upcoming years.

Our main business is distribution of Pharmaceutical products (medical equipment’s, rehabilitation products, food supplement products and drug items). We creating value by offering best quality products at a reasonable price to be able to afford by all level of communities. We strongly believe the true value of the human life. We are confidently and proudly stand with the side of communities since the products that we are offering are one hundred percent in the QUALITY.

As the meaning of term “Green Orient”, we want to create the healthy world, which is free from disease. We, Green Orient strongly believe that by providing quality and innovative medical products to society, the quality of life of community will be going to increase. Keeping the motto “Healthy is Wealthy” in the mind, our contribution to the community will have positive effect to the people from the society.


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